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A surprisingly simple, user-friendly and help desk software with an integrated knowledge base.

Better Customer Support - Thousands use HESK help desk software daily to track, organize and resolve customer issues.

Less Support Work - 86% of users say the integrated knowledgebase decreased the number of their support requests.

Faster Response Time - Keep customers happy and your team on top of things with the right data at the right time.

Cloud help desk available - Get your help desk up and running in minutes with the hassle-free HESK cloud service.

Customer Interface

A place for your customers to interact with your help desk:

  • submit support tickets,
  • communicate with staff,
  • view ticket status,
  • access knowledgebase.
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Staff Interface

A simple but powerful interface for your help desk staff to:

  • organize and prioritize tickets,
  • view and respond to assigned tickets,
  • customize settings and options,
  • run reports and more.
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